Avengers Arena #8

Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Cover Artist: Dave Johnson


Avengers Arena #8 has managed to continue with the intensity that came with the previous issue. We first see  Juston who has really stepped up as someone who was really the least likely to survive from the start. X-23 having no one else to turn to needed closure in knowing if he survived or really died. Having no powers and having to rely on his best friend whose a Sentinel, one that was easily taken apart twice in less than 7 issues. You felt the emotion from his side of the story as he not only felt like he was abandoned by the ones he called friends, but like he said he is more than likely paralyzed from the waist down because of the way he landed. From the way he attacked both Apex and Death Locket, we can only assume that one of them are the reason for him being in the state he is now. Either this or Apex used Death Locket again without her knowledge to attack Juston.

Though it felt like regurgitated information about X-23′s killer mentality, it was nice to see someone that had their mind set on the game and really understood the situation that they’re in. The story might seem like it’s moving at a slow pace as well. That is a matter of preference though in this issue it worked to their advantage as Hopeless is able to dig into each characters head to see where they are at right now and which direction we can expect them to take based on it. Whether it be Anachronism’s new relationship with Nara, Bloodstone’s secret and feelings towards Anachronism, Apex switching gender, or Chase becoming the new Darkhawk. Many different paths were opened in this issue which is what is to be expected as the intensity starts to pick up.

As usual the art remains consistent and in a way that captures the detail of both the characters and the environments.

Score: 8.1/10