Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Sara Pichelli


With Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22, Bendis continues the climatic confrontation between Spider-Man and Venom. He does well making sure that there is something at stake in this fight and that there is a real danger. Venom is dangerous and has killed many innocent people to get to Spider-Man, and who he thinks is Spider-Man is Mile’s father. On top of this he finally caved in to the officer who basically already knew he was Spider-Man and tried to keep him from throwing himself into a fight he can’t win.

The one thing that consistently stands out is Mile’s relationship to Gwen Stacy and MJ. Since finding out he’s Spider-Man and telling him it’s okay to take up the mantle they have been his support system and resources on everything that Peter experienced before his death. What else stood out is Venom’s relationship to Spider-Man because while it’s not the same person he’s looking for, he still shows an overly attached obsession with him even when he’s trying to kill him.

The end was truly shocking and shows that Bendis does not hold back punches. It was an emotional scene when Miles fights Venom because even with just a small part of his mask ripped off his mom knew it was him instantly. And as any loving mother opened fire on Venom putting herself in danger. Bendis has managed to portray the one thing that shaped Peter’s life which was never letting those closest to him die on his account. A failure by Miles that in turn caused him to rip apart his costume and declare that he’s done. This issue here truly felt like Spider-Man in it’s entirety.

Score: 9.1/10