Wolverine & the X-Men #28

Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: Ramon Perez


In this issue Aaron takes us into the conclusion of the students trip to the Savage Lands. We start off with a monlogue by Wolverine talking about the one thing which he feared most, which is failing his students. Failing them and from the looks of it that the end of the trip didn’t go so well for any of them.

What was great about everything up to now is that we see how Wolverine’s one on ones with each student personally helped them grow up in some way. Whether it was learning to depend on others for help, being a leader, letting lose, remember a lost life, or utilize their powers. In this issue we see how Eyeball Boy once again shows the unique function of his eyes when he not only is able to see through all his classmates, but take out the robots who proceeded to attack them with little effort and with only two pistols.

The only setback to this conclusion is the relationship between Idie and Brooo. By now there should be more focus on the fact that she has shown to like him or the fact that he is still primal. Instead we see Idie going back to her usual self which is calling herself a monster and separating herself from the others, she is the only one who managed not to grow in any way from this trip and even lost the bible Wolverine gave to her from Nightcrawler. If they were trying to make her like him to an extent, it’s not showing and what she displays is getting old.

In the end not only did the students grow up to an extent, but Wolverine did as well as he confronted his brother. He chose not to fight while his brother only wanted to fight like the dog he is, so to speak. He felt that he deserved everything Wolverine had, but he did nothing to earn it and his approach came off childish which is a comparison Aaron did well. Aaron did right by ending this story in a way that leaves room for arching stories between the Hellfire Club and Wolverine’s relationship with the student which is now very weak.

Score: 7.9/10