Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Cover Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Cover Artist: Brandon Peterson


Age of Ultron #6 ended with Wolverine killing Hank Pym in the past to prevent him from ever creating Ultron. Now in issue #7 we see the direct result of his actions and how that will affect the future. What Wolverine and Sue found was nothing that they could have expected. The Skrull/Kree War made its way to Earth when the Avengers were able to stop it before that was possible. Some of the heroes in this time period are what seems to be either combinations of two or three notable heroes or just have a different appearance all together. They came off very aggressive thinking that Wolverine and Sue were Skrulls and the fight between them was entertaining because both are formidable fighters, more so Sue being able to hold her own against the Hulk by choking him with a bubble.

The cliffhanger at the end adds to the mystery behind Age of Ultron because the threat before was Ultron. Now that Ultron is out of the picture we see a world that seems to be ruled by Tony Stark. Having an army of robots surrounding him and ‘Starkguards’ that patrol the city. It seems that the central issue of this story is centered around technology and it can only make sense that if anyone else were to step up it would be Tony.

The artwork has remained consistent which matches the tone of the story. Peterson best portrays this with both the inking and the crosshatch-like detail.

Score: 8.3/10