BATWING #20 Review


Written by: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by: Fabrizio Fiorentino

In this issue of Batwing we are now seeing the new Batwing in action. Palmoitti does a great job introducing Lucius and showing his potential as a hero. It is only his first appearance and he is already off to a great start if not just for his interactions with Batman. Being a rookie and sarcastic does not mix well with Batman, the sarcasm more than anything else and that should be something to drive some interesting conversations between the two.

The question of his viability as Batwing stood out more than anything else. Alfred brought up a great point that he’s not like everyone else and that he has more of a risk than anyone else of getting hurt, and his father would not be happy if that happened. Just being the one who actually wanted to be noticed made him stick out than the rest. Batman’s selection proved to be different because Lucius was shown to be chosen for his drive rather than accomplishments or skill which is how the rest in Batman Inc. were chosen.

Down the road what seems to set the tone for the story is his attitude towards being Batwing. He’s unsure of his ability, he likes to be independent, and he doesn’t quite take orders as well. That will get him into more trouble than he has already and I’m sure that Palmiotti can handle.

Score: 7/10