All-New X-Men #11 Review

All-New X-Men #11

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Stuart Immonen


With the end to Uncanny X-Men #4 we got to see that the student to join Cyclops new team was Angel. Now in this issue we get to see why he chose to switch sides and why the rest seemed so surprised by his decision. Unlike the rest of the original X-Men, Warren was told of everything that went wrong and everything still going wrong. The difference is that he just doesn’t believe them. This is on top of the fact that most at the school seem so hateful of Cyclops and Jean had shown to become very manipulative forgetting everything that Professor Xavier taught him. It was great that they addressed her problems and even threw in the words that Spider-Man lives by because Kitty does have a past with him.

In this book any of the two teams could have been seen as wrong or right. Not for their views on past events, but how they handled the situation at hand. Wolverine was the first to try to attack Cyclops, Emma had the Cuckoos attack Jean mentally to “teach her a lesson”. Though both had good intentions, they can be viewed as hostile and over defensive.

I will say that whatever it is that Mystique is plotting, though nothing that directly impacted the X-Men till now is  a well placed sub plot to keep the All New X-Men and Uncanny from overlapping to often. It’s great that they have some connection, but Bendis made a great move by making sure that Cyclops wasn’t really seen as the villain when there is a real one still out there.

Score: 8.4/10