Thanos Rising #2 Review

Thanos Rising #2

Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: Simone Bianchi

Last issue we saw how a young Thanos first began his decent down the path that led him to become the Mad Titan, and now we continue with that tale as he shows to be less human, cynical, and arrogant because of his superior intellect compared to not only his peers, but his professor as well. The one thing that Thanos craved as much as power is knowledge, knowledge is power. In just months he went from dissecting rats and lizards, to cave apes alive.

If Aaron was trying to show the extent of the madness this young Thanos spiraled into, then it was accomplished. For him not only to find out the lengths in which he’d have to go as a scientist to seek the answers he desired, but to do so by experimenting on his own peers. In the first story you may have seen him as misunderstood, yet this transition has shown him to be nothing but a monster. One that is even admired by someone. This girl is interesting because not only do they not mention her name, but she has a great influence over his actions, and not in a positive way.

What was entertaining is that we still know what is to become of Thanos, but to see what he did is a whole new experience. To be the first eternal to murder, let alone 17 people, plus his own mother at the very end. He did this and enjoyed it. The artwork done by Bianchi captured every sick moment and you see how twisted his actions are.

Score: 8.6/10