Written by: Michael Alan Nelson
Art by: Ig Guara and Norm Rapmund


The battle continues between the Ravagers and Deathstroke and the odds have not been in their favor. Before this issue they had already lost two counting Rose’s partner, and in the very beginning of this issue they lose two more. If there was a reason to feel empathy it was sure there after killing a child, then a brother and his sister. For as much power as they had, they stood not a chance against Deathstroke as a whole which had shown the urgency of their situation. Now this is what I would have said, yet in the end that built up to them all just being teleported back to Harvest where we probably would never see them again.

Now despite the disappointment in how it turned out in the end, they still did manage to keep you interested up to that point. Especially the fight with Fairchild and her many deformed clones. It was entertaining to see her let lose on them which is a side of her we really didn’t see that often and it was shocking for us that don’t read Team 7 to find out that she really isn’t the real Fairchild either.

It’s hard to blame them really, when we know that where both Beast Boy and Terra ended up after the fight meant that they were trying to follow a similar storyline that we are familiar with from the Teen Titans.

Score: 7.3/10