Ultimate Comics Ultimates #24

Writer: Samuel Ryan Humphries
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato


Chaos ensues as the Avengers face threats from every front. Fighting the West Coast Avengers and trying to stop the nuclear calamity hurdling towards Earth. It has been a losing battle up to now, but Humphries knows how to write a story with heroes who have their backs against the wall. Here we see the Avengers taking back control of the fight.

In this issue, Captain America shows why they elected him as president. While everyone else was caught up in their own fights and feeling pride, Captain was thinking of the bigger picture. He stayed ahead of the game, though even as he needs the others help to make any impact on the fight, he stands as a symbol for those who fall to fear with the satellite falling to Earth. It was more of an amazing moment when Iron Man and Thor stepped up, grabbed a hold of Thor’s hammer, and struck it with everything they had. Humphries had shown here what it really meant to be a hero when it counts.

Again another standout moment when Cap finally realized that being a President and a soldier just wasn’t working for him. He never asked for it, and what he does best is out on the battlefield, protecting the people so they may lead themselves.

Score: 9.3/10