SUPERBOY #20 Review


Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: RB Silva and Rob Lean


New writer and new creative team, here we get a whole new take on Superboy. He still has the attitude which is good and now his character is being steered in a better direction. In the previous stories there was no clear path that he was heading in. He escaped from the Colony, but after that he was lost for a while. Up to now there wasn’t any direction and Superboy just seemed like a rogue who was trying to be different.

Yet here that has changed since he is trying to atone for all his misdeeds. You could easily say that he was misguided and didn’t know any better, but there could have been a better way to handle his development than by making him a bad boy so to speak. So in this issue Superboy is met again by the guy who can astral project himself, of course continuing with his plans to use Superboy for himself. This leads to them both being assualted by two henchmen from H.I.V.E. that gave them a run for their money. Now finding out that they are both wanted and for their psionic powers.  It’s an interesting twist because the one thing they never really pointed out was the source of his powers and how of course they are different from Superman’s. It’s a solid issue as we explore what got Superboy from point A to point B that we saw in the first few panels.

The one question we have left to wonder is what exactly it is he did that affected what Jocelyn was doing in the Temporal Base.

Score: 7.6/10