Thor: God of Thunder #8 Review

Thor: God of Thunder #8

Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: Esad Ribic


This issue mainly focuses on young Thor and his story while on the slave world. His part tends to be filled with more enthusiasm as we see him fight against building the one bomb that could kill them all. There is definitely a sense of urgency here because even being a planet full of gods, all of them are weak from the days of work they put in and the barren environment which left them seemingly malnourished. Gorr brilliantly created a system that prevented any god from rebelling, and if they did the others would suffer for it, mainly by crucifixion.

What was interesting was how we see Thor’s granddaughters because even though they aren’t directly his offspring, they have a similar attitude which when clashed with his made for intense moments. Though the moment that stood out the most is when he proved himself to them being their grandfather by summoning lightning when most others are left powerless. It was a valiant scene while trying to deliver their bomb to destroy the god bomb, but an effort that was wasted when it didn’t leave a dent on it and hurled him off the planet straight into the ship both older Thor’s were riding.

In the end it is a progressive issue that finally put all three Thor’s together and sets them up for the final fight against Gorr.

Score: 8.1/10