Written by: Ales Kot
Art by: Patrick Zircher


After much action the last story arc brought to the series, now we are back to basics. Kot takes a step back and gives us what we would expect from a group of villains forced to work as a team, we find out what makes them tick. This was delivered as Waller called the aid of a mysterious man to break down the mental stability of every person on the team and puts them into situations in which they fall back to old habits. Methods that were very questionable to accomplish this.

What is great is that we all already knew that Waller was cynical. This is nothing new and now we get to see the degree of which she would take things to get the results she wants. Bringing them back to life just so they can’t escape their sentences(Deadshot), and caring less when they actually die. You see little humanity or decency from her as she treats them like tools. The type of person so drawn in to their job that reality escapes them. To make matters worse, she calls on the aid of two remorseless human beings. One an unknown soldier who beat a fellow teammate to death, then the other who is revealed to be the psychotic sister of Barbara Gordon who we all thought was supposedly dead when they last confronted each other.

Score: 8.2/10