Green Hornet #2

Writer: Mark Waid
Cover Artist: Daniel Indro


Green Hornet #2 is a step up from the first issue. Waid has really established who Green Hornet is in this book. He’s not your general vigilante that you’re used to. Tricking the underworld of criminals into thinking that they’re villains to put them into a false sense of security around him, more so to even fear him as well. In this issue Waid has set Green Hornet as the villain. The man that the law blames for all their troubles and crimes in which they cannot explain. Of course this doesn’t mean that he is actually the villain, but that is how he carries out his job.

Waid shows Reid as a smart man who is able to manipulate men as wealthy as him into thinking that they are being sabotaged. He has the money, the sources, and even the power of the press at his disposal. Not only this but as Green Hornet he rules through fear. Respected by villains who dare not question him or even call the cops on him when he shows up at their front door. In this issue you see a more intimidating side to him which is a more exciting take to his character.

Overall again it was a step up from the first issue. This was a great transition into what we can expect from the rest of this series as his latest act of vigilantism has ended with him surrounded by the cops.

Score: 8.9/10