Written by: Michael Alan Nelson
Art by: Mahmud Asrar

Continuing from the previous issue, Supergirl and Powergirl find themselves in a tricky situation as the Sanctuary won’t allow two Kara’s to exist. Nelson did a great job of showing just how similar both Kara’s are, and enough that it became a problem to differentiate who is the true one. We know that Powergirl of course is the Kara from Earth 2, but to a machine like Sanctuary who is unaware of this, either one of them could be real. At the very end the only way that one could have been chosen was because Supergirl was still poisoned by by the Kryptonite.

The interactions between the two was very entertaining. They act alike, have the same attitude, very stubborn, and majority of the time solve problems with their fists. When they were fighting Apexx in the previous issue, you could see how fun the dialogue was between them, they actually made a decent duo. And it was a better transition in this issue to see them start to question each other knowing they have never met before and Powergirl has been there without her knowledge.

Overall it was a nice end to their meeting. Nothing too special, but it was entertaining nonetheless just because having both Kara’s in the same story was handled very well. Even set things in motion for a story to come either next or in the future since eventhough they escaped Sanctuary, it seems to have now made itself mobile to finish the job.

Score: 7.6/10