Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Cover Artist: Brandon Peterson


Age of Ultron #8 continues what many are calling a slow crawl as we are still in the future Wolverine and Sue created when they killed Pym. They are being tortured and questioned on their morals as Tony seems quite angered by their tampering of the timeline. Well more so that Wolverine murdered his friend and had shown no remorse for it, actually felt that it was for the greater good and made him a hero.

Where this Tony could have sent them back to their supposed time, he treated them like villains. Was actually ready to kill Sue just for attempting to escape. It made sense because of what they did to Pym, but out of character for someone who is still assumed to be a hero. Actions you could guess is why the Defenders decided to take action against him to free Wolverine and Sue.

Not to say that this issue was bad, but when standing next to every issue leading up to now, it has completely derailed from the main story progression. At this point now we are wondering where is the real threat, where is Ultron? Yes, killing Pym changed this, but the future just seems so very different from what should have been the fallout from the fight Cap and his team had in Ultron’s future. Now we have a fight unraveled between Tony and Morgana, technology versus magic. In a way, it seems the story is leaning towards a similar story that took place in Justice League Dark when the team found themselves trapped in a magic world at war with those who use technology.

Score: 6.8/10