Wolverine & the X-Men #29

Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: Ramon Perez


Wolverine And the X-Men #29 is a side story so to speak. As we could have assumed it was a story about the future, and it was. This was Wolverine reflecting on everything that has happened since he had opened the school. His expectations, fears, hopes, and what he has accomplished so far. As some schools do, he had the students bury personal items in a time capsule. This event setting things in motion for the future that Aaron presented us next.

In this future things basically were a success. On the surface that seemed, though for the most part it seemed that it was the original class that took a slight turn either for the best or for the worst. The only one we are actually introduced to was Eye Boy. Someone who had shown promise in the previous issue as you see the extent of his powers unravel. Though we really didn’t see that here, we saw how he developed as a person which has shown to be successful due to Wolverine’s teachings. He apparently did well enough that he even convinced Wolverine to live by what he says as well. Apparently things didn’t go all so well in the future as a whole too which is why Wolverine was about to change the past again after stumbling across the time capsule 25 years later. Of which the contents had shown Wolverine that what happened could have been avoided, though upon being convinced by future Eye Boy, just left his past self a key and note saying good luck.

As usual we can tell that something big is coming. The Hellfire Club is proving to be calling in the big guns as now they have added Idie and Dog, who killed his father for striking him in the previous issue, to their arsenal.

Score: 9.2/10