‘You’re Really Backwards’ if you Want Backwards Compatibility, says Microsoft

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, said something interesting regarding those who enjoy a console’s backwards compatibility features.

In the interview, Mattrick said 5 percent of gamers last-gen games on a next-gen console and it wouldn’t make sense to invest in the backwards compatibility feature.

Particularly, Mattrick said, “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards compatible.”

Whether or not the Xbox One will have a download service where you can purchase Xbox 360 or Xbox games is still unknown at this point. Xbox One will not support any previously purchased Xbox 360 or Xbox Live Arcade games from the Xbox 360, so you would think there has to be some kind of feature to download older titles.

Perhaps with Sony’s move purchasing Gaikai, which will allow PlayStation 4 owners to stream games from all the PlayStation family’s iterations, Microsoft will do something similar whether it’s streaming previous Xbox games or a Games on Demand service for Xbox One. Whenever the news is out, Analog Addiction will let you know.