Uncanny X-Men #6

Written by: Michael Bendis
Art by: Frazer Irving


In Uncanny X-Men #5, Magik and the rest of the team were pulled into Limbo by Dormammu. Now she faces what might be her final confrontation with this powerful demon and the rest of the X-Men are at risk when they are guilty by association. It’s a well thought out plan because as much as he fears Magik because of her mysterious powers, he fear Doctor Strange a whole lot more due to his many losses. You could tell this is an intense fight when even Cyclops at full blast did absolutely nothing to Dormammu. Not a scratch on him and he was able to come back and control Magik as if she was his puppet.

What stood out in this issue was the Stepford Cuckoos, we see how important they are to the team as psychics. Instead of fighting head on from the start, they used their powers to unlock the potential for the others to be able to fight off these demons who are swarming them to pick them apart. Not only this but if it wasn’t for this very situation, you would have forgotten that they could even turn diamond like Emma.

With that aside I do have to say that what was going on outside the fight with Director Hill as she tried to figure out Cyclops agenda, was kinda distracting. It held back the flow of the battle which I would have want ed to see a little more of. Though the end of her part was pretty shocking to see that of all people she actually chose Dazzler to work with. I mean Dazzler is definitely no stranger to such environments, but did not expect her to be of any relevance so soon in the X-Men Universe.

The artwork was just spectacular. Some don’t like Irving’s art style, but in this very issue, and for this very storyline, it captures every moment perfectly. Detailed, great shading, lighting, and the heavy use of color makes every character and action stand out.

Score: 8.4/10