Batman Incorporated #11

Written by: Chris Burnham
Art by: Jorge Lucas


A bit derailed from what we got from the previous issue, but nonetheless entertaining. Batman Incorporated #11 takes us to Japan with Jiro and Canary. A heroic duo that are also lovers when they aren’t out saving the world. While he is the Batman of Japan, Jiro is still shown to be new at this job because of his skills with the tech that he uses. Not only did he sound uncertain of himself when he was using his devices, but of course being that he get’s them from Batman himself, you could assume that most of it is that sophisticated.

It was a solid story as they took on the five bikers who were really just racers manipulated. The story made you question who you sympathized with between them due to their dis-configured appearance and ruin lives, or the people they killed because they had nothing else to really lose. The ingenuity used to defeat Lady Tiger Fist was well executed as something you’d expect from someone who took the title Batman.

There was a lot of teamwork implemented within this issue which was nice to see and they definitely do have a dynamic. While Canary might not be much of a combatant given her size, her sonic voice can be used for various situations. The one thing that can be taken out of this is that while they may be new to Batman Inc., they will be involved in the fight against Leviathan, of course given by the fact that we are met by the same Batman who took the Man-Bat serum and is wearing a large suit of armor ready to go into battle.

Score: 7.4/10