Justice League #20 Review

Justice League #20

Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Gene Ha


Justice League #20 offers a super fun story that has a nice blend of old Leaguers and new, with plenty of spotlight to go around. A lot of the entertainment in this issue comes from how little we can trust the team. I suppose we owe that to the “Clean Slate” the New 52 has provided (if I can legally use that term). Relationships feel fresh, yet true, like Superman and Batman, who you can tell have a similarly established friendship from pre-New 52 continuity, but with an added twist – Wonder Woman.

Before we get to the Clark/Bruce bromance, the story kicks off with stellar narration from the new Atom. She is our eyes and ears into the League, and does so in a charming, know-it-all manner. The twist, revealed at the end of the issue, explains why she’s so Justice League savvy, yet still manages to make me enjoy the character even more, regardless of her questionable loyalty. The reveal also clears up her admiration for Martian Manhunter (who, by the way, is particularly badass in this issue).

What I enjoy about Johns’ take on the League, is that he manages to make sure each team member has a purpose, for example, the perfect pairing of Element Woman and Firestorm. Johns has a knack for making seemingly obvious connections in comics (i.e. the concept of a multi-coloured Corps) that make the reader wonder how it never happened before. But really, they both control elements, it just works.

Apart from guest artist Gene Ha, whose grit doesn’t really match the tone of the series (despite it being so damn fine artwork), Justice League #20 offers a strong lead-up to Trinity War, while working as a standalone Justice League outing.

Score: 8.9/10