Avengers #12

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Spencer and Deodato

Avengers #12 takes us through another story centered around Hyperion. As someone who lost his world, he is still finding his place on Earth. And he has done so through trying to teach these hatchlings from the garden site how to be like ordinary humans. The fear being that due to them being perfect in every way compared to humans, they might not fit in well with society and it will eventually lead to conflict.

It was very humorous to see their use of Otto as Spider-Man in this issue. Being Spider-Man you’d expect him to be able to teach these kids how to value what they have, but being who he is, he instead is showing them how to be as deceptive as he is. A bit more humorous that both Hawkeye and Jessica completely neglected the group of kids they were supposed to watch and let them go off on their own.

But back to the message of the story this issue tries to convey. Life is short, and the only way to preserve it is with hope. Those like Hyperion and Thor have seen the beginning and end of life, stripped away so fast with nothing to cling to. They want to show these kids that they have a purpose even though they are not like everyone else. They have the opportunity to cherish life and answer a higher calling. In the end it’s all about virtue and understanding the gifts you were given with others lack. Hickman succeeded in making something meaningful out of a situation that seemed to be grim and that is something we all expect from him. This book has been built upon morals and Hickman portrays this in every possible way from beginning to end. The biggest shocker is the sudden appearance of the Evolutionary, someone who would gain a lot from this kind of situation. It’s a great twist that will lead to something exciting to come.

Score: 8.7/10