Young Avengers #5

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Spencer and Deodato

Young Avengers #5 continues as the team of teens go up against an army of personages in the form of parents. Last we saw Billy lend his power to Loki and being who he is fled the battlefield and the team to fend for themselves.

Loki really stood out in this issue and in the best way possible. For a while now we could’ve easily forgotten that the young Loki we knew from Journey Into Mystery is dead. Yet this issue enforced the fact that he is dead and that what we are seeing is the Loki that the world came to fear and mistrust, within good reason too. Adding the twist that young Loki is not completely gone. He lurks within Loki’s mind as a second voice, a conscience that questions everything he does and whether it is morally correct. The dialogue between the two is gold because they are one in the same yet the good one is easily able to make the real Loki feel bad about himself. It should create an interesting story to come as maybe they might even fight for control? Anything is possible.

Being a short story arc, it was a great way to bring the team together. The most important thing was trying to bring the team together and they are given a reason to remain together which is great storytelling. They can’t interact with any parents or anywhere in which their parents live, they have to isolate themselves just to protect everyone else. With the exception of Chavez America who sees through Loki and he knows she does too. So now we have the Young Avengers as their story has only begun!

Score: 9.5/10