Scarlet Spider #17

Written by: Chris Yost
Art by: Carlo Barberi

Here Kaine has yet again gotten himself into another situation in which he’s in over his head. Making a deal with the Assassins Guild, getting his friends caught up in danger, and forced to do something he doesn’t want to. Things just never seem to go his way. It’s one thing to challenge the X-Men, attack the school, but to assassinate Wolverine is something different. We do have to question why Wolverine though. Of all the people to assassinate, and while Wolverine does make more sense than others, you just know the end result before it even begins.

Despite this, we focus more on the fight to reach Wolverine. As Iceman said, he and Hummingbird have walked into a school full of mutants that can blow his mind with a single thought. Hummingbird did prove useful given her powers, but she had shown that she doesn’t have full control over them seeing how she inflicts pain on telepaths. The confrontation between Kaine, Beast and Iceman was entertaining seeing how it was a classic team up with two of the original X-Men.

The fight with Wolverine was decent as they both have that monster mentality when they get into a fight. Kaine does seem to have won the fight in the end, but I just can’t feel much for it knowing that Wolverine can’t be killed that easily. So just about everything was solid in this issue besides the call on Wolverine being the target.

Score: 7.3/10