X-Men Legacy #11

Written by: Paul Davidson
Art by: Tan Eng Huat

This issue of X-Men Legacy shows how interesting a character like David Haller can be. With the quality being very apparent, Davidson showing very capable of creating a focused story through David and Blindfold. He was able to build an unlikely relationship between the two and bring them together based loosely on their strange abilities and circumstances. It has a been a fresh take on both characters and a deeper look into them as well.

It’s really great that Davidson uses his library of heroes, as we see characters like Frenzy and Chamber join the fray. Two characters with enough charisma to make any situation exciting.  . We also get to see the true nature and motivations of the I.B.S.S.. He seems very good at giving people a false sense of security. He comes off to be very genuine right now, but this could easily be a front for something big to come along the way. This issue did great in bringing everything together, many occurrences and ties coming together to better connect David to the rest of the X-Men.

And the biggest question is how does all of this tie into the evil ghost of Xavier currently plaguing David’s mind? Is he just being manipulated or is there something legitimate to the treatment of the mutants in this program. All we know is that a fight is brewing as Blindfold has readied her team to save who she has come to love. We can only wonder if this will end in his death seeing as she was predicted to be his enemy.

Score: 8.6/10