Batman #21: Zero Year Review

Batman #21

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo and Danny Miki

Batman: Zero year is what most would say is the book we deserve. You may wonder why is putting this story out only now, but it’s the story it tells that matters most. Here we witness the New 52 origin of The Dark Knight, where we see just what makes Bruce tick. If anyone were confused about this new direction Batman has taken, then this is the right book to pick up. Snyder again proves why he knows Batman best. Capturing his unique qualities like his ambition, intellect, and most of all conviction.

What’s great about how this story is told is that it’s not just another origins story. This actually has mysteries within it that are new. The story behind Bruce’s uncle brings a new twist to the story because he comes off as someone whose genuine in his intentions, but of course falls to the corruption of those around him. Namely Nygma, who Snyder portrayed showing off his genius, which is the one aspect of his character that made him a fearsome villain down the road. I will say though, that aside from everything which was pretty much on point, most of it is still predictable. You have his uncle’s story, and the flashbacks, but ignoring that and you pretty much aware of what happens before it does. There may be mystery and twists to follow, but you just don’t feel the suspense of that happening besides the plot to kill Bruce. It’s a great start, and the art is decent, nothing stand out about it but it is well done.

The backup story at the end was an interesting addition as well because it gave you a closer look into the state of Gotham City at that time. That’s an opportunity we haven’t been given in the past so it’s something to appreciate.

So overall it feels like Batman and is another look into the world they created for him at the start of the New 52. As I said before, a bit predictable aside from those few inclusions that bring about an interesting twist. Of course there’s much more to expect from the story to come and Snyder sure does show that he has something planned.

Score: 8.7/10