Guardians of The Galaxy #3

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Steve McNiven and Sara Pichelli

Without question Bendis is shaping up Guardians of the Galaxy to be one of the most exciting of the cosmic stories Marvel has to offer. Before, we got to see how entertaining this group of galactic pirates can be, and now we take a step further into what this story has in store for them. While the story remains to be action packed, there is a bit of mystery in it that you come to enjoy.

It’s fun to see how the Guardians find a way to get themselves out of trouble, especially when it’s something they get themselves into. Even with the little time Rocket Raccoon has in this issue, he remains the one that you manage to get a laugh out of. The dialogue for his character is brilliant and Bendis makes great use of him in a sticky situation. “Blamo! Murdered You!”, that is something that will put a smile on any readers face when he takes arms. Aside from him, you have Quill who really sets the tone because not only is he trying to protect Earth, but make an example out of his father who everyone at the moment finds suspicious of his motives. There’s a lot of motivations that drive this story so far and Bendis has done well displaying them.

Then where there was fear of the story moving slow, this issue starts to set things into motion as you know something big is going to happen. Although Bendis has made sure that remains a mystery, you see all the pieces slowly moving into place as things don’t seem so linear. The only thing that takes away from this issue being any better is that the Guardians weren’t present throughout a majority of it.

Score: 8.7/10