Suicide Squad #21

Written by: Ales Kot
Art by: Patrick Zircher

If one thing can be said about Suicide Squad, it’s that the quality of the story has gotten so much better now that Kot has taken over. The new direction is something that really takes readers by surprise because for once you start to feel that the book lives up to it’s name. They are villains deep down, they are troubled, and they surely aren’t ones you want to keep in a cage. Of course the smartest of the group being Harley who finally turned the tables on Waller. You always knew it was going to be her given the hints from the previous issues as well. All it took was Waller trying to break her like the others, big mistake as we see.

The addition of James Gordon makes a bit more sense now with his actions in this issue. Before, you saw that he was doing this out of love for Waller. Yet now you also see that like the others, this is the kind of job he is good at. That’s on top of the fact that James is about as loony if not more than the rest of the team. Whether he will actually join the team on the field is unknown, but as a whole he fit’s in just fine.

So now the question at the end is what the deal was that Harley made with Waller? And what exactly is it that they are doing on this mission that involves taking on something that looks way out of their league?

Story progressively getting better, the characterization of the team is handled very well, and their motivations too which drives a boo like this. The art and mainly the coloring matched the tone of this issue which was very intense given that they finally made their move in retaliation for their treatment. Whatever comes next, Suicide Squad looks to be able to deliver on shocking you.

Score: 8.4/10