Thor God of Thunder #9

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Esad Ribic

We are at part 3 of Godbomb, probably one of the most exciting portrayals of Thor so far and Jason Aaron yet again shown that he knows Thor’s character. It’s one thing to see Thor go up against unbeatable odds and triumph, yet in this story he has faced loss, failure, and more of a blow to his ego than he has ever taken before. Gods are dying and not only do you feel sympathy for these gods, but you feel sympathy for Thor who against all odds is putting himself between them and their possible extinction.

Normally it would be just the dialogue from all three Thors together which really took you, yet in this issue it had to be the narration. It felt like you were really engaged in the story. Not only did it feel exciting feeling as if someone was telling you a story, but it was great to get a look into their minds as they take arms. The one thing that Aaron did that you have to appreciate is not go the generic route in which at this point they turn the tides of the fight, they still have an uphill fight ahead and even though it leaves you with a cliffhanger you know something big is to come since it is Thor we are speaking of. Of course you are left with wonder as to how Gorr managed to come out on top as they all flew into the Sun.

When it comes to this very issue the art sold every moment. From the expressions from each character, to the dramatic effects added to make it feel like 4 gods are actually clashing with one another.

Score: 8.9/10