Venom #36

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Pepe Larraz

Another refreshing start to a new chapter in Flash’s story. Cullen has done one thing since he came on board with Venom and that’s to put emphasis on Flash’s personal life instead of making it all about Venom. Up till now it has always been controlling Venom or worrying about becoming a monster. But now it’s about Flash finding himself a new direction in life when he’s not out doing heroics. The one thing we do have to remember about these stories is that it’s important to understand the hero behind the mask. What we saw last issue was how Flash is different from those like Eddie Brock who is broken because of the symbiotes.

What you do notice as well is a change in tactics that Flash uses when out on the field. Since becoming the hero of Philadelphia, that means taking on more than just monsters. Cullen as you can see is allowing Flash some room to grow while staying true to who he has been while he wears the Venom symbiote. This meant even clever uses of it like taking over that car to catch up to those bad guys.

Overall this story is progressively getting better and if there’s one thing to take out of Cullen’s approach to Venom, it’s humanity. Flash’s humanity of course and exploring that when the world around him isn’t so sane.

Score: 7.9/10