Nightwing #21 Review

Nightwing #21

Written by: Kyle Higgins
Art by: Brett Booth

Kyle Higgins has managed to impress with this issue of Nightwing. You do see how much this book has improved over the last three issues. Not only the story but the it continues to look visually appealing as he captures the unique style Nightwing brings to the table. It’s an interesting story because of the new layout of this story due to him now being in Chicago. As the first issue pointed out, this is a whole new game and new set of rules that accompany it.

In this particular issue we see this as Higgins takes us back some years where masked vigilantes were targeted by an unknown assailant who carries a blade, and picks off his prey one by one. This further shows why it is dangerous to be a hero in Chicago and adds to some of the tension that Higgins creates. As the story progresses he is laying down the foundation of Chicago’s criminal underground and showing how corrupt this place really is behind the scenes.

He furthers shows this by putting Nightwing in a situation where he had to turn to the Prankster for help. Something that worked in his favor yet just created more bad press for him overall as the news has already made him out to be a nuisance. What you take from this is his desperation to find what he’s looking for and has shown to be willing to cross the line to get what he came for. Overall this story is shaping up to be something great and there’s so much more in store for Dick Grayson as Chicago is not what it seems to be.

Score: 9.1/10