Age of Ultron #10AI Review

Age of Ultron #10AI

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Andre Lima Araujo

An issue of Age of Ultron that centered around someone who truly mattered. Throughout the whole event, Pym only appeared twice. Once where he was killed before creating Ultron, and the other time was when that death was stopped and he was given the chance to put a fail-safe. Very unacceptable. That’s why while this issue doesn’t fixed what has been done, it surely is refreshing to get something compelling out of that story.

This issue really captured how tragic his life has been. Maybe not everything tragic but it hit everything that really mattered in his life up to this point. If anything this is the explanation that fans deserved from his time as an Avenger, to his time in Avengers Academy, to now. Most of the time we only see Pym feeling sorry for himself, yet Waid manages to be the one to turn his life around and for the better. With that said, if you know his past then you might not find this all too interesting to pick up. As an epilogue it serves it’s purpose, though connected to Age of Ultron it just serves as another reminder of how it disappointed many.

In the end it serves as a decent lead up to the upcoming Avengers AI, nothing more nothing less. We know he’s the center point of this storyline and for once it seems they might actually be able to make Pym seem like a likable hero.

Score: 6.7/10