Masks #8

Written by: Chris Roberson
Art by: Dennis Calero and Alex Ross

A powerful conclusion to Dynamite’s first and first successful crossover. A story that was to the point from the very beginning, never veered off into tie-ins or something that distracted from the story at hand. This was a well written collaboration of well-known pulp heroes by Chris Roberson and they all shined in their own way. The Shadow,  Green Hornet, Kato,the Spider, Black Bat, Miss Fury, Black Terror, and Green Lama, they all came together to fight for what they stand for in a story that only Dynamite could tell.

Here we have the plot drawn out in its entirety. The villain is the Clock, and we know what his motives were. The way that Roberson explained this was very believable for the first masked hero who did what he did best and found out that it wasn’t enough. He had all the best of intentions, yet lost track of what it meant to be a hero. This turned out to be a story with many underlying messages and hit issues in the world that affect many and influence their actions. It’s about rising to the occasion and making a difference when those in power refuse to do their job.

This is a highly recommended book which is written brilliantly. This conclusion was so well executed and left you feeling like you are staring at real heroes. They don’t need powers or gadgets, they just need the conviction to stand up for what they believe in. Visually this book is stunning as it’s not too vivid, which is something that fits the style of the book. It gives that vibe that you could only get when your following the lives of someone who hides behind a mask which the artist Alex Ross portrayed very successfully. You actually feel like it takes place in 1938 and the faded backgrounds help add to that visualization. Not only this but the facial expressions and effects really add to making the characters believable in their reactions and when they’re in combat. The combat itself are the highlight of the story because each have their own style and it does stick out very well because of Calero and Ross.

Score: 10/10