Uncanny X-Men #7

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Frazier Irving

A coming of age story if I might say. Bendis shows a deep understanding of who Magik is and it’s that which we saw as she finally took control of her life.It was an intense conclusion to their fight in Limbo, one which proved to take a toll on everyone. If anything this was a great time to shows what some of them are really capable of and Bendis did just that. X-Men always seem at their best when the odds are against them and that goes for these inexperienced mutants as well.

There have been many mysteries surrounding Magik’s powers and mainly those connected to Limbo. While we still don’t know those limits, it’s exciting to see the limits she can reach when she digs down and tests her capabilities. As powerful and intimidating as Dormammu is, even to Doctor Strange, she defeated him all on her own and that was something that Bendis made to be very believable. In the end like I said this turned out to be somewhat of a coming of age story for her and while it’s sad to see her go, you get that sense of anticipation for what happens when she eventually returns. She was the one member of the team that had shown how they are still fighting for Charles’s dream. Something that needed to be emphasized when picking up this book and Bendis made their intentions clear.

It was a great issue with a focus on both Magik and how unprepared everyone is at this moment. We are now going to see more development as the teachers hone their broken powers and the students find out what they are capable of doing and how to defend themselves. Frazier Irvings style has proven to be stunning and matches the tone of this part of the story perfectly. The negative effect and very bold use of colors that makes everything on the page stand out. Wish there was more to say other than it’s one of the best parts of this book despite if his style isn’t personally for you.

Score: 9.1/10