Batman Incorporated #12

Written by: Grant Morrison
Art by: Chris Burnham

The final battle between Batman and Leviathan. Though it wasn’t really much of a fight and not one that really delivered. It’s understood that this was inevitable, yet it seemed like everything leading up to this point was more appealing than the fight that came. Morrison made this feel rushed, and by the end of it you are left wondering if you really cared for anything that just occurred.

In other storylines where Batman is suffering from the loss of Damian, I have to say that this issue has fallen flat of selling that feeling from him. Sure there’s still more to come, but this was one moment that I found hard to sit back and wonder if I want to continue with this story. It really hasn’t had much to offer and if it did, it was lost in something that was just trying to create shock. There was the shock of seeing Leviathan’s face, as well as knowing there are many clones of him, but that’s it. You even care less finding out that there’s many more to take his place. Everything that came from this book felt forced, and I do have to say that the art style of this book looks a bit sloppy.

It just really felt like a letdown. The lack of emotional attachment to anyone didn’t do it any favors either. Talia didn’t care for Leviathan, Batman didn’t, and just about everyone else would rather see him dead. Just seemed like a fight with an empty shell of a villain and in some ways that just felt like a turn off from the very beginning. Hopefully the conclusion or what comes next may make up for this lackluster climax because I’d hope this isn’t the best Morrison can do with this story.

Score: 5.8/10