Injustice Gods Among Us #25

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo

Tensions flare as the line is drawn in sand. Worship? Blame? Question? All things that Tom Taylor made sure was felt by everyone who took part in that war against Kalibak. The fight has not begun between both sides of the hero community, yet the atmosphere has been set to match this bleak world. Both are preparing for the inevitable and no stone is left unturned to question who is in the right. At this point it is really left up to you as the reader to choose who you side with.

This was a great issue for Batman because being Batman is not what’s going to win his fight against Superman. Someone who always wants people to take his side on  fight and have faith in him yet always has his secrets. When the world and those standing by Superman have complete faith in him, Batman is at odds when even on a team he acts like a lone wolf. Sure Catwoman is by his side, but she still has a reputation as someone who you can’t really trust either. It’s interesting to see how both Batman and Superman act and are treated as leaders. Tom brings out the best in them and when those personalities clash, one is not simply going to cast aside their pride for the others viewpoints.

Even as things have calmed down since Superman saved the world, you can tell this is just the calm before the storm. So many different emotions are set in motion and you never feel as though anyone who isn’t Batman or Superman is a blind sheep. They all have an active voice in this situation and it gives depth to the multiple perspectives to take in the issue. The switch to Bruno Redondo on art fit this chapter because things are very grim and the dark use of colors and shadows brought that to the surface. Overall things will get worse before they get any better.

Score: 8.2/10