The Movement #3 Review

The Movement #3

Written by: Gail Simone
Art by: Freddie Williams II

The Movement is shaping up to be one of the few books of the DC Universe that really stands out on its own. Not just for its views of the world around them, but the mature nature of it all. For young heroes, Gail Simone has created characters that really do embody what happens when you take advantage of the innocent and bring corruption into their homes. It doesn’t beat around the bushes and surely doesn’t sugar coat the message or tone.

The narration from Katharsis at the beginning was very engaging. It’s fair to say that readers were pretty shaky on their impressions of her character, but I believe if anything this issue has shown what she stands for in this book. No punches were pulled with her fight against the police and their treatment of her as well after detaining her. What stands out is the strong personalities these characters have and that is what drives this story. In this issue particularly and for only the third issue there is great characterization which is a good sign for its progression because this doesn’t seem like a story that is linear. It has its balance of action, story, and really makes you think about what they are fighting for which is to be heard and treated right.

The Movement has shown great pacing for only being on its third issue and is a promising story to unfold. The art style is good, fits the mature tone of the book, and adds to that feeling that you should take the book seriously. In general it does take itself seriously, yet allows freedom for so much of this world to be explored because this is a part of the DC Universe that we haven’t really gotten a chance to see. This is one action packed story which I have to recommend you to pick up.

Score: 8.4/10