Avengers #15

Written by: Jonathon Hickman and Nick Spencer
Art by: Stefano Caselli

When one question is asked, two more take its place. That seems to be the case as the duo of Jonathon Hickman and Nick Spencer tackle this issue of Avengers. It has proved to be a very complex story that requires room to expand, even at the cost of a bit of confusion along the way. Well maybe not confusion, but mystery and a bit of mystique from Captain Universe who never seems to make much sense and appears only to add her input on their situation.

It’s hard to say whether the pacing of the story is slow or just right, but it does seem to be controlled which adds balance to the story. This is between the well written dialogue and action which I admire most so far. The coordination of the teams chosen has to be the one aspect of this book which keeps it interesting because while some are shown more than others, their dynamic is on point. That is the reason why these teams were put together and Hickman does well to portray what their desired outcome was with who they selected. This also includes the use of Banner who they are taking advantage of by using his brains rather than his brute strength.

I do have to point out that like the last issue, it’s entertaining to see A.I.M. thrown into chaos yet again because they are messing with forces they know nothing of. Their part in it is brilliantly handled and you really do want to see how they get themselves out of this one.

Overall, like I said the book sure does create more questions than answers, yet that is what keeps you engaged in it. You want to know what the root of the problem is and see how they handle every obstacle which is thrown at them. Aside from this the art is again just as awesome as it has been since the start of the book and that is the one thing you have to give it credit for, having the combination of great writers and artists.

Score: 8.2/10