Batwing #22

Written by: Jimmy Palmoitti and Justin Gray
Art by: Eduardo Panisca

Things heat up as Luke learns first hand the risk of involving yourself with Bruce Wayne aka. Batman, whether as Batwing or as one of Bruce’s employees. It’s starting to really set itself apart as another Bat book among the rest of the Bat Family. Can only imagine what happens when he teams up eventually with Nightwing or Batgirl(hopefully). There wasn’t too much Batwing in this issue, though it is also smart to focus as much on who Luke is as a normal person.

It’s definitely getting intense as being a hero is no cakewalk. Of course his family would eventually find its way into harms way and this was a great time to do so. You do have to question at some point why this is something new to Luke and his family. Whether mentioned or not, you would think that being connected to Wayne Enterprises that they would have run into problems like this before, especially if their home is weaponized for their protection. Regardless, the duo of Palmoitti and Justin Gray are doing a good job easing Luke into being the new Batwing.

The characterization again is great. Luke is a take charge guy, serious about being Batwing, sarcastic, witty, and has that drive to make any situation thrilling. Definitely the daredevil and that allows room for more freedom when throwing him into the next adventure or fight. The coloring was good, narration better, overall a solid issue. The dynamic between him and Batman is great and we can only hope to see what happens when the training wheels are taken off.

Score: 8.0/10