“Swamp Thing” #22 Review

Swamp Thing #22

Written By: Charles Soule
Art By: Kano

With Swamp Thing #21, Charles Soule offers a smaller scale “case of the week” tale, and in doing so delivers a stellar installment of the series. The choice to keep the plot tighter and contained to one arc, leaves more room for nuance, and reveals more about Swamp Thing’s powers and tendency to interfere with unnatural biological order.

The plot is contained to Scotland, wherein Swamp Thing is investigating the Seeder’s mysterious decision to grant a village’s wish for whiskey – in the form of a whiskey tree. The peculiarity of the situation is perfect for a supernatural character like Swamp Thing. The quieter tale allows a focus on his abilities, wherein the tree’s acceptance of Swamp Thing’s possession through its vibration, is described.

In a jarring sequence, Swamp Thing impulsively snaps on Constantine. It feels a little contrived, but contributes to the subtle hints of the character being a control freak and points to this becoming a larger issue down the road.

Kano’s pulpy visuals paint a perfect backdrop for the eerie, folk town. The creepiness of the woods, combined with the typical Scottish culture, draw the reader believably into the strange scenario. Because of his ability to cast shadows, the Constantine twist at the end of the issue isn’t forced, but is foreshadowed in the meticulous art throughout the issue.

Swamp Thing #21 is an engaging small-scale tale, perfect for longtime readers seeking a more calm and personal Alec Holland story, as well as new readers, who want a taste of the obscurity that Holland faces.

Score: 8.9/10