Green Lantern Corps #22

Written By: Van Jensen, Robert Venditti
Art By: Bernard Chang

Green Lantern Corps #22 handles John Stewart superbly. He’s the soldier who follows orders, even if he doesn’t like them. Having a militaristic mentality, John draws out the comedic flaws of the new recruits, which makes for an interesting issue.

For the first portion of the issue wherein John learns that Hal is the new Corps leader and of Larfleeze’s attack, John reacts to events that should have been dealt with last issue. Especially touching on the Larfleeze attack, Jensen and Venditti run the risk of putting some readers out of the loop.

Not too much time is spent dwelling on these elements, as the focus is quickly shifted to John and the new recruits. John’s cold demeanour with the new Corps members, is suitable for the character, and harkens back to his Marine Corps roots.

The new recruits are used to great affect, as a gateway into answers about the GLs – how they translate, fly, etc. Juxtaposed with the scene wherein John engages in a bro hug with Kilowog, it is a reminder of the disconnect between the new generation and the last.

Capturing the total feel of science fiction, Chang blends the bizarre space elements and the GLs with ease. Chang’s pencils are expressive, especially with the Predator, who could easily come off as a lifeless pink mass.

Green Lantern Corps #22 has John’s reactions to the events in other GL books, which may shaft some readers who don’t read Green Lantern. While this takes away from the standalone quality of the book, there are plenty of character moments brought out by the engaging interactions with John.

Score: 8.6/10