Ultimate Comics Ultimates #27

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Carmine Di Gianomenico

When you think of the worst possible way the Avengers can be beaten, you’d never imagine them to find themselves in this kind of situation. Where just last issue you thought they would find a way like they usually do, just like that things only got worse. Joshua has managed to create this atmosphere where you can only really expect the worst, but never be prepared for it when it comes. Shocking yes, but makes for the most intense moments.

While I did find myself a tad bit bored with Reed’s arrogant monologue, I couldn’t quite get over the fact that he’s doing so while Tony is lying here with his head cut open. Not a shred of care for how inhumane his actions looked and I couldn’t help but wish Tony would have died sooner because even though he felt nothing you could still see the expression on his face as if he couldn’t believe what’s happening to him at that moment. Aside from this, I could say that I was glad that Joshua finally got to revealing just how Reed manages to save the world with the gems.

Right now it all just feels like a tragic story with a series of unfortunate events. There might be a glimmer of hope that they may come out on top, but Joshua makes sure that till then they remain the ants while Reed, Hulk, and Kang are the boot. It’s an uphill fight and though to an extent you could say its being dragged on, the story still hasn’t reached it’s climax and you know that till then you haven’t seen anything yet. I would think this is the worst for them, but whenever I do it seems there’s still room for them to fall just  bit further.

It’s a great issue that still has a steady momentum its carrying and you know it’s only going to get worse before it gets better. While not completely loving the art, I do find that moments where it matters most it does sell them. The expressions, fight sequences, everything that is gory is well portrayed.

Score: 8.5/10