Second Chance Heroes: Killing Zombies as Queen Elizabeth I

Have you ever dreamt of killing zombies as Queen Elizabeth I? Or maybe as Napoleon? Abraham Lincoln? Nikola Tesla, perhaps? Well let us tell you that, with Second Chance Heroes, all your dreams will finally come true! Thanks to its developer, Rocket City Studios, Analog Addiction was given the… chance (pun intended) of participating in the game’s third Beta, which took place on June 6th and 7th. Editors Vlad Pintea and Ryan Livingstone dared to enter the underground Hobo Colony, and here’s what they came out with:

Vlad Pintea: So Ryan! At first glance, Second Chance Heroes looks like your typical dungeon crawler. What separates it from other games like Diablo?

Ryan Livingstone: It definitely looks like a typical dungeon crawler, and for the most part it plays like one. You have fewer moves, only using the mouse for your basic and special attack, but you also get relics and ability drops. The relics you acquire along the way allow you to get special bonuses or moves, and the ability drops are varied. You can pick up a disco ball ability which sets all the enemies into a distracted groove while you take them down, or a rocket ability which drops rockets in a certain area for mass damage.

Gameplay it isn’t really different to other games, but the array of characters make up for this, a mix of ranged or melee types in the forms of Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Blackbeard and quite a few more. I experimented with all 7 of the available characters during the Beta and they were entirely different to each other, with Nikola Tesla being my favourite. It isn’t a game that plays entirely different; there is still a lot of repetitive clicking as you obliterate groups of zombies, vampires and werewolves. I found that the best aspect of the game was the characters and the environment it is set in, would you agree?

Vlad Pintea: Yes, I fully agree on that. While the gameplay is indeed more of the same compared to other top-down hack-and-slash RPG’s, what manage to separate SCH from the rest of the crowd are its main attractions: the protagonists. All 7 characters (in the Beta, at least; the full game will sport 12 protagonists) have different personalities, from Nikola Tesla joking about giving his enemies… shocking experiences, to Joan of Arc talking about ladies’ night. Their abilities, while limited in number, are unique to each other, giving the player an incentive to experiment with every character (the disco ball is my favourite).

One thing which I wasn’t particularly fond of was the actual killing. It seemed to be… off; like I would need to press multiple times on an enemy for my character to attack. Additionally, the inclusion of a mini-map would also be highly appreciated. It’s only a Beta though, so there’s plenty of time to add and polish the game before its release date. I also think the cell-shaded type graphics fit perfectly with the game’s humorous tone. Ryan, any last thoughts?

Ryan Livingstone: Yeah I definitely agree with you about a mini-map, it would help a lot in locating all the hidden scrolls, chests and undead chickens as most of the time I just stumbled on them. I was glad to see that they continuously changed up the objective and setting, with each main boss/objective had two parts to it, and then you would start a new one. Each part mixed in new layers of dangers, with dynamite strapped onto balloons, new bosses and varied enemies.

It also helped to be able to switch between two characters, so you are always given another chance and it makes it easier if you are playing by yourself so you can mix a ranged and a melee character. I really enjoyed the boss battles, they were never the same in terms of their style of play, and there is even a Crazy Cat Lady who throws Molotov cats! Second Chance Heroes main focus was the entertainment value, everything was over the top but that is what made it fun. I think I will definitely be picking this game up when it is fully released, I am eager to see what else they can offer in terms of levels and outrageous characters. Anything else you thought could be improved on for the game as a whole?

Vlad Pintea: Not really. As I said, the gameplay is good, even though it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. I’m looking forward to the game’s overall story, and to seeing the other characters. If these two elements are well-integrated into the gameplay, Second Chance Heroes will certainly be a game to consider; even better if you’ve got some friends to tag along.

For more information, you can check out the game’s official website, or its Steam Greenlight page.

Did our Beta impressions pique your interest? Will you be playing it this summer, when Second Chance Heroes be released? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, for all your latest gaming news, keep it locked to Analog Addiction!