Secret Avengers #6

Written By: Nick Spencer
Art By: Butch Guice

Secret Avengers #6 suffers from introducing interesting action sequences and characters, then abruptly switching to scenes of heavy dialogue. While the characterization is interesting, the sudden shift in tone and overall jarring flow, keeps the issue from selling its stealthy fun.

This issue is a retelling of events that have already happened, but from a different angle. Thus, Spencer traps himself by switching between time periods far too often. The time switch itself isn’t the sole problem, but the fact that these “filler” moments, of Maria Hill and Rhodey, go on far too long with excessive dialogue.

While the pacing is off, there are some amusing character moments in the issue. Spencer has the comedy of Maria Hill down pat, showing off her superiority in instances where she towers over Charles Dalton and insults him under her breath. Agent Coulson is written just as the film version, boding the calm demeanour paired with firm commands.

The grit of the book is shaped by Butch Guice, who is a master of body language and suspense, specifically in the opening scene with Coulson. It’s when the action scenes come along, that Guice glorifies the Taskmaster/Mockingbird spar by having oversized, angled panels, while the moves used in the fight aren’t all that interesting.

Without focus or time to let the action scenes breathe, Secret Avengers #6 struggles with keeping sustained interest for the duration of the issue.

Score: 6.9/10