Miss Fury #4

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: Jack Herbert

Lives up to the name does it not? Miss Fury surely doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering on the action, that much Rob Williams made sure of in this issue. From 1942, to 2013, and then to the future. The man without time? Try the woman without time and she manages to do so in a more exciting fashion.

It has a great pace to it allowing you to understand the plot and more so about her without spending too much time on any single part of the story. It has great momentum and Miss Fury is someone you really come to enjoy for the fact that she if I may say is very hardcore. Does what has to be done, straight to the point and has a strong presence as someone with a troubled past. That part of her really stands out through her narration in the beginning. Marla is a smart woman, she may throw herself into fights too quickly, but all the same very smart and it shows.

The art is very smooth. It looks clean, bold, vibrant, while still matching the time periods that Miss Fury finds herself in. The layout as well really works out for them to work time travel into this story. I especially like when an artist makes certain panels pop out by having parts of the characters stick outside and overlap another panel.

Great issue overall. Has a good pace, great direction, better style, and is still picking up in intensity. So much to expect from this book, but I believe it can deliver. Next to The Shadow I think this is one book you are missing out on if you are not reading it right now.

Score: 8.6/10