Shigeru Miyamoto’s space captain of Pikmin fame, Olimar, has officially joined the roster for the next entry to Super Smash Bros.

Akin to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Captain Olimar does not use his physical strength to fight his adversaries. Instead, he uses the little creatures known as Pikmin.

The red, blue, yellow, purple and white Pikmin are part of Olimar’s Pikmin platoon judging by the new screenshots released on the official Smash Bros. website. However, two things are not confirmed by the photos: if the new rock and flying types of Pikmin will be in the game as well or if Pikmin 3′s new protagonists – Alph, Britanny and Charlie – will be playable characters, or maybe alternate skins for Olimar. None of the screenshots are from the 3DS either, so it is unknown if he will be in appear in the portable version of the brawler.

Below are the new screenshots of Captain Olimar in the next Smash Bros. from the website, which can be seen on Olimar’s page.

What do you think of this announcement of Captain Olimar? Does it make you more excited for the next Smash Bros’. release? Are you looking even less forward to it knowing Olimar is a returning character? Let us know in the comments below.