The Walking Dead #112 Review

The Walking Dead #112

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

After a long time coming things finally hit the fan. I do have to say that at a point you almost could feel yourself pulling away from the story because of how slow things were moving. Hard not to argue that it almost felt as if it was going nowhere for a while. Luckily now there is a reason to jump back into the story and feel that sense of intensity that you expect from this book.

As per usual Kirkman does know how to hit the group with the worst scenarios. This was one of those twists that we have probably been waiting to see for a long time and it was inevitable. You can hand it to Kirkman for making Negan one of the most likable villains as of yet, entertaining as well. He crosses the line yet can be merciful which is something that always makes you question the state of aggression between him and Rick. Nonetheless that doesn’t stop them from FINALLY making a move against him. It seriously would have hurt this book worse if they put off that opportunity yet again.

So even though the direction of the story has been put in question till this issue, it’s easy to say that there might still be hope when Kirkman is finally able to turn that dial again to crank up the intensity. Of course that means that means that things are going south for Rick and his crew, but it’s nothing new and what we like to see is them overcome these kind of situations. Pacing I find to be very important to this story and hopefully it can keep up this momentum and see this story through to the end.

Score: 8.5/10