Avengers #16

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Stefano Caselli

While certainly maintaining the same momentum, this issue still leaves you with mixed feelings about the situation the Avengers find themselves in. When you let the excitement die down, you are left wondering when things will actually start to make sense. Surely the answers are unfolding with good pace, but with the number of questions this poses, you do fear how complex this story has really been made.

We are starting to see some real progress in the story. Something which as I’ve stated is a concern when the questions are still many. The only other problem at this moment is that it feels as if too much is going on right now. In this issue alone it’s as if everything was mashed together and the story was just all over the place. Makes it pretty hard to follow when nothing is really fleshed out or explained in a way that keeps you engaged. I’m all for a little mystery, but all these twists just drag it out to the point where excitement falls flat.

It was nice that we finally got to back to Star Brand and Nightmask who we would have thought to be playing a larger role right now, only to be locked up. I did find it a bit trivial that this whole time they could have broke out and Night mask seemed to have made the situation more complicated by not just saying that Star Brand has untapped potential.

Despite these minor concerns, it’s hard to say that what we do see and understand isn’t good enough. It certainly is because what is going on right now is something which none of them can comprehend and they’re working against the clock to fight a threat which proves to be out of their league. What will be the redeeming factor right now is how the Avengers manage to fend off this new foe. What we like to see from the Avengers is how they overcome obstacles such as this.

Score: 7.3/10