The Spider #13

Written by: David Liss
Art by: Ivan Rodriguez

Trust issues seems to be a family thing for the Wentworths. Things start to get serious for The Spider when he becomes more determined to catch the Fly. Shockingly enough did not kill Lawgiver which was something I really expected him to do after reading the last issue. It seemed like it was really prepared to kill Hilt, but it serves the story well that David Liss does not go for what is obvious.

What keeps this story entertaining is that between The Spider and The Fly it is a battle of wits and who can predict the other person’s moves. While it seemed that The Fly was beat, he proves to have many more tricks up his sleeve and he doesn’t seem to care about crossing the line in morality to get what he wants. When The Spider was two steps ahead, he was really two steps back which made it like a game of catch up. Call it cliche, but in this case it wasn’t dragged on like other stories tend to.

David Liss has written a great villain. The Fly is someone who only thinks with his wallet. His motivations and stake in this conflict is all just to obtain wealth, and nobody seems to be worth his time if they aren’t helping him get what he wants. For someone who really doesn’t get his hands dirty, he was very quick to call for the deaths of both Wentworth and Hilt. Two who were on his side as well.

The only thing that disappoints me is how little we actually see The Spider. It doesn’t hurt the story, but when the odds are stacked against Richard you kind of expect him to be a bit more aggressive in attempting to put an end to The Fly’s plot. Aside from this it was a decent issue ended with The Spider getting into a fight that I would like to see given the lack of a real fight with someone who co

Score: 8.0/10