What If: AVX #2

Written by: Jimmy Palmoitti
Art by: Jorge Molina

And after an explosive start, What If: AVX kicks into gear taking a whole new direction. Some may say that it’s nothing but a rehash of the original storyline, yet this issue alone says otherwise. Palmoitti aims to do something new and new he has done. Even though we know that Hope is the one to get the Phoenix and earlier, doesn’t change how she is able to control it and even then it’s still a mystery with the cliffhanger at the end.

Jimmy Palmoitti I will point out gets straight to the point as well. With only 4 issues he doesn’t waste time with too much dialogue and gets straight into the thick of it. Different team that went into space, Hope willingly going after the Phoenix with Magneto, and it’s more so Iron Man than Captain America instigating the troubles between the Avengers and the X-Men. It’s those small differences that turn this in a new direction. Even teasing us with the idea that those in space might be taken by the Phoenix before Hope. To draw the line in the sand you have Avengers who have died by Magneto’s hands after he blew up the jet. If there was any other way to ignite a war, that was it and I say it was executed well enough.

A great transition into the second issue and it certainly has delivered on being a What If. Hopefully Palmoitti can keep this momentum strong or even turn it up next issue as we can only assume that there will be destruction and much more lost before anything good comes out of Hope being possessed by the Phoenix Force.

Score: 8.2/10