Justice League of America #6

Written By: Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire
Art By: Doug Mahnke

While Justice League of America #6 doesn’t pack as much content as part one of “Trinity War,” Johns and Lemire make the right decision with this quieter chapter. With narration from the Question, this installment maintains the underlying intrigue amidst the brawling heroes.

After the Question’s intro, the scene with an uncontainable Superman, went on a little longer than needed. From the words of Shazam, “Who gives a crap?” when it comes to superheroes clobbering each other. Johns and Lemire add emotional depth later in this issue, in a powerful scene where Superman learns that Doctor Light had a family.

The clash between Trevor and Waller over the incarceration of Superman is a refreshing moment of logic for the JLA, considering their previous unforgiving thirst for destruction of the Justice League. My only problem with the scene is that Trevor sides so easily with Superman. Is he not bitter over Supes stealing away Diana?

Mahnke captures the scope of the superhero clash with ease, creating a truly off-his-rocker Superman. The inks are a little muddled at the beginning of the issue, when compared to the sharp, clean splash page shortly afterwards. The staging of Superman locked in to the chair with Batman in the background is fantastic, showing Batman’s stronghold over Superman in his reckless state.

Slowing things down, and allowing some room to breathe for repercussions, Justice League of America #6 is an honest look at the rationale of heroes. Their isn’t a ton of plot-building, but the time spent learning where the characters stand morally, sets up for some solid, genuine pay off in the future.

Score: 8.2/10